Inside HIV – The Podcast for Positive People


My name is Dean Beck and I am a radio producer and broadcaster with Australia’s only LGBTI radio station, Melbourne’s JOY 94.9. My special interest is gay men’s sexual health and HIV, reporting on radio and TV for over six years.

It is my great pleasure share with you my latest media project, Inside HIV — the podcast for positive people. Season One of Inside HIV consists of 28 weekly podcasts over six months, and will draw upon the lived experience of people living with HIV (PLHIV), the vast collective resources of the nation’s HIV organisations and the latest research to provide engaging content delivered via podcast each week. Each episode will be themed to cover in-depth a specific HIV-related issue. As the weeks unfold, Inside HIV will amass an archive of valuable content — a resource that can be re-visited, referenced and referred to for years to come.

Australia is emerging from a decade of silence regarding HIV. A new generation of voices is willing to speak up, lead and empower others in their HIV communities. Emerging technologies, gender and social inequalities and the everlasting effects of stigma make navigating this new paradigm complicated. Inside HIV will help build resilience, enable connection and educate Australia wide, potentially reaching more people than any traditional sexual health poster campaign ever would.

Date of Preparation: May 2016 | AUS/HIV/0016/13(3)a